Riverfront Skate Park is the best skate park in Twin Peaks. On these pages you will learn a lot more about the park, its many fantastic features (like the many games that are located in the rec-area, traditional games like pool, in addition to retro pin ball machines and also casino games like slot machines, card games etc). You will also see how you can be one of the team. We always need people like you to come aboard in order to make a difference.

The first thing that you can do if you like Riverfront Skate Park is to leave your email address and your name with us, in the form that you’ll find right on this page. It is also extremely useful to follow us on social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Snapchat. Particularly Snapchat, as this is one of our favorite media these days. We have a lot of people from our staff making video messages, snaps, each and every day.

The way to add us on Snapchat is simply to place our Snapchat username in the search box, the add as “friend”. Thanks!

If you want to look for a job here at Riverfront Skate Park, you can always simply check the site regularly, because we always put up vacancies right here. But if you like you can stop by the park and talk to the general manager, Doug. He always knows what is in the loop, so this is a particularly useful person to know.

To give you an idea of the type of people we need here at the skate park we can just point out that this ranges from personnel making, selling and serving food and drinks, people in charge of cleaning, instructors, guards, general assistants etc. But we also collaborate with other professionals or people with very good knowledge in some relevant fields. Right now our main focus is on building our website, and also our new app. So if you have particularly good knowledge of computer and website programming you’re more than welcome to talk to us. We have a great computer room with some really stunning equipment, including our own state of the art web server. The server is completely backed up and we have an emergency energy system as well.


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