RCRS is always accepting applications for employment. Feel free to stop by the admission area to inquire about possible job openings.

Skatepark Facilitator - Excellent communication skills, enjoys a team setting, responsible for the physical, operation and maintenance of the park, facilitates events and concerts.

Out of cash and wanna’ skate? How about buy that new deck you’ve been wanting? Take advantage of our Free-Skate program!

Skaters that want to do something beneficial for their skatepark can earn the opportunity to skate for free! Stop by the admissions area and pick up a Free- Skate card. Each card is equipped with tons of opportunities to earn free skate sessions or cool skate gear. For every volunteer hour completed and approved by a member of the RCRS staff, we award you with a free daily skate session or the opportunity to accrue credit towards skate gear.

So…Contact RCRS to schedule a volunteer shift and get skating or geared up… for free!

*Registration fees still apply.

Our skaters are what make RCRS the best skatepark in the region and we LOVE hearing your feedback. Let us know what’s on your mind by e-mailing us at amanda@amazementsquare.org.