Mentoring sessions are offered Saturday mornings from 10am-12pm and available to both skateboarders and in-line skaters of all ages.  Guests under the age of 7 must be accompanied by an adult during the entire clinic. A registration form must be completed before attending a clinic. Registration fees are waived for the clinic only. (Should skaters wish to continue skating after a scheduled clinic all applicable daily fees will apply.)

To schedule a mentoring session please contact Amanda Fortner at
(434) 845-1888 or by email at operations@amazementsquare

Each class includes 2 aspects:
10-11: One Hour lesson

11-12: free skate with Mentors

$10 per clinic

Below are the different levels of mentoring sessions that RCRS provides:

Click Here to download a printable PDF of each levels description:

Below are some guidelines for how each class is divided:

Beginner: The beginner lesson is for the child who has little or no experience riding a skateboard. These lessons cover the basics like pushing, balancing, turning, stopping, banks, and basic body movements.

Advanced Beginner: The advanced beginner is for the child who is confidently navigating throughout the park and is comfortable on the inclines and declines. If your child is interested in learning to pump banks, ride off ledges, learn kick tail control, ollie, and perform manuals, then the Advanced Beginner lesson is where he or she would fit in. The students in this lesson will be encouraged to attempt larger ramp elements and will be taught some basic transition techniques.

Intermediate: The intermediate lesson is for skaters who feel comfortable on ramps and have a good grasp of the basic skills taught in the earlier lessons. Instructors will begin to focus more rigorously on the transitions and larger elements. Students will be encouraged to take their basic skills and apply them to perform more advanced maneuvers. Dropping in and pumping transitions will be emphasized in this lesson.

Advanced: The advanced lesson is for students who are comfortable riding the larger ramp elements or are interested in learning more technical tricks and grinds. If your child is interested in learning a more advanced bowl carving technique then he or she would best fit into this category.

***Skaters under the age of 18 registering at RCRS for the first time MUST have a parent or legal guardian present to sign registration and insurance forms.