The History

Riverside Skate Park was founded by internet millionaire Steve H. Balls. Balls was born right here in Twin Peaks and after making his fortune on internet casino sites, one of the first things he did was to come back to his hometown in order to start a few key projects. Other than the skate park, Steve also raised a huge community center, with lots of general activities. In the center of this center is the town area, which can be used for anything from sports events, talks, religious events to conferences.

Every year the gamers conference Gamers World is held right here in the Twin Peaks community center.

Steve also funded the brand new old people’s home which is a state of the art caring facility that has received a lot of attention from reporters and institutions world wide. Thi is one of the most complete old people’s homes with a huge list of facilities including swimming pool, sauna, spa, gym, bar, computer room, restaurant in addition to a hotel grade set up with luxury rooms.

Steve Balls then made Riverside Skate Park which he wanted to be a place where young people could come together and, obviously, skate, but also where they could learn other useful stuff, even in a slightly formal setting like a one or two day course. This is why the skate park has a rather substantial administration that has the responsibility to come up with a great curriculum, or set of courses, for the year. One of the things Balls found important was teaching kids computer sciences, particularly programming. So the park always has a variety of great courses in this field.

And to help with this the park has a state of the art computer center with top computers, and even servers. Here anyone can come in and surf the net, but they can also enroll for courses. We also offer a suite of separate rooms where people can book themselves in if they need to do particular projects, or even meetings or other small events.

Every year Steve comes to Twin Peaks, and he always makes a point of visiting the skate park, also because he, each year, gives out a scholarship to one of the skate park users that has shown some exceptional skill, ability or commitment during the years.