The Music

In Riverside Skate Park music is always important, and for this reason we host a range of events all through the year. On this page you can read a little bit more about our thoughts on music and the many projects we have.

The founder of Riverside Skate Park, Steve Balls, was always passionately interested in music, and in his biography he underlines how important music has been to him in order to get into a creative state. He even says that he finds that music helps him “raise my vibrations”, and he claims this has helped him a lot over the years.

For these reasons music is seen on as very important feature of the park, and as you can see and hear in the ramp area, we have a range of speakers spread out. And these are almost always turned on. Almost always, because we tend to turn them off for a few hours each day in the afternoon. We regularly invite DJs to come and mix music for us here, and at least once a month we throw a weekend party. Particularly in the summer.

The rest of the park also has speakers, even the road surrounding the facilities.

Since music and young people are important to us, we also offer rehearsal rooms. These are located on the west side of the compound. We have two great rehearsal rooms of a nice size, these rooms are really small stages and is used by many bands that are rehearsing for a show. Other than these larger rooms we have two smaller rehearsal rooms, ideal for simple rehearsing. If you are interested in rehearsing in one of these rooms you need to be a registered member of the skate park, and there is a yearly, symbolic fee of 5 dollars.

On the top floor of the main area we have an old fashioned, retro style record shops where you can find a very nice collection of vinyl records, and we also sell state of the art record players and other sound equipment. The guy in charge of the record store is Alex, and the store is open all days except Mondays and Sundays.