The Park

Riverside Skate Park is located in the south-west area of Twin Peaks. The park is relatively new, it was opened in 2014. We are an experimental skate park that offers a lot of activities other than just excellent skating. For instance e have a very nice food court here, and a great rec area with lots of games, but we also offer particular courses on subjects that young people might find interesting.

We are also committed to being a community leader in starting and following through social projects that may be of interest to Twin Peaks, and the neighboring areas.



We have a truly great skate center with 10 ramps of all sizes. The ramp area is covered with speakers, and we often have a local DJ come in to mix the music. In addition to the ramps you will find that the park i surrounded by our Park High Way, which is a concrete road circling the whole area. Great for easy skating, strolling or just hanging out. We offer lockers, and also have WiFi as a courtesy in most areas. On the top floor you will find a state of the art computer center.



Riverside Skate Park has some great snacks and food for you to enjoy when you come here, and prices are really nice. First of all we have the main canteen/cafe on the upper deck. Here you will always find a nice cup of coffee, juices and other soft drinks in addition to a great all day breakfast in various styles, such as a traditional American breakfast with tasty, home made pancakes, bacon rashers, cereals and drinks. But we also offer the world famous English Breakfast which is a more substantial thing. We have done some twists and serve fried eggs, sausages, toast and bacon with a typical American chilli bean stew. The canteen also serves cakes and simple sandwiches all day, including a homemade burger. In the winter you might find some warming dishes like soup.

In addition to the canteen we invite food trucks to come and serve you all. So you might be able to find some great food truck stands here, serving anything from Vietnamese or Thailandese street food, to burgers. You can always check out which food trucks are here by coming to these pages.


We have a very nice rec room where we offer a variety of games, including pin ball machines, pool and slot machines.